Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Over winter break my buddy Brandon Chase asked me to draw up an idea he had for his band Sutureself. The idea was a DNA strand turning into the letter S at the top. This was the perfect break I needed from all the cute cartoons I've been at lately, so I immediately agreed to it. right away I knew I wanted the S to look like it was sharp and dangerous so I tried to give the impression of teeth being formed as the strand unraveled. I had no clue what to do with the shading or coloring so I went back to him and asked about his preferences. As soon as he told me it was just gonna be a black and white vector image I knew what I wanted to do. ...I wanted to beat the crap outta it. So I started to add cracks and knock out little chunks and cause some erosion.
Once the bottom of the DNA strand crumbled away from all the abuse, the design was done, and I sent it off to my buddy.
He then turned it into a vector image and did this cool negative advert with it which I actually dig more than my version. Its always fun working in collaboration with someone else because of these cool little surprises. The best part of collaboration though is of course not being able to slack off and half ass it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

vampire a go go

Blaaaargh!! dont really know why i did this today. ive just been feeling kinda sucky lately. Ha! get it? ...because it's a vampire. any way ive been trying to add more texture to my drawings lately to balance out the flatness that i seem to enjoy. I feel like this guy runs around with his cape up makin airplane noises.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So here's another drawing of a cute girl doing a pretty mundane task, and quite possibly the most sexist drawing i've ever done. Because this is what girls do right? they stand around gabbing on the phone while baking. ..and wear a bunch of pink.