Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ooohhhh ...FACED!

Some more random head sketches from my "bored in school lobby" pile. as you can see i like to use colored pencils to rough em out before commiting to any lines. I love scribbling and goin nuts with the colored pencil first. its just fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the small faces

Been a very very long time since i last posted. my computer has been down for the last few months and the last school term hadn't left me with a lot of free time. The only thing Ive really had time for lately has been doodling in between classes. so while i dont have anything really polished up to show you, i do have a pile of 2 minute sketches. scanning stuff is boring though, so im only gonna post a small chunk, hopefully every day for the next week or so. fingers crossed by then my computer will be up and running, ...or, it will be in a busted up pile outside, looking longingly in through my window at me and my brand new Mac. Anyway, todays chunk of doodles are some floating heads. the creepy looking old man in the lower left is my favorite. He is NOT amused.