Saturday, October 8, 2011

This was a quick and fun illustration i did as a cover for my creative writing class final. it was basically a final collection of our best work that term revised and polished up all shiny. One of my stories was a retelling of the three little pigs. A kinda hard boiled crime novel version. I thought the scribbled look really captured the feel of it. straight and to the point this one is.

come get some!

Was thinking of using this piece as a cover for my portfolio book. Had an earlier version with very bright colors and while i dug it i just didn't really really like, not in my heart of hearts. this one is much more up my alley. was goin for a left in the basement and saved from a flood kinda look with all that grime and junk. the idea itself was just me thinking ...if I Could choose how i go out, how would i go?